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Personalized Antibiotic treatment decisions in hours, not days.

The CytoSPAR BLAST Assay is a phenotypic Antibiotic Susceptibility Test and does not require cell replication. It is performed according to protocol in 5 hours, direct from urine samples with minimal sample processing. The assay works by exposing live bacteria to a library of antibiotics at preset concentrations. Exposure of bacteria to the antibiotics creates a metabolic signal within the cell that is detected by the BLAST assay. The assay works in a variety of antibiotics and with a variety of bacteria, including both Gram-positive and Gram-negative.

The assay is run in a 96 well format filter, plate, the convenient method for treating the bacteria with antibiotic and reading the fluorescent signal at the end of the assay. The assay can be performed either manually, or with appropriate automation, the fluorescence reading is done in a particular 96 well fluorescent plate reader instrument with connections to the CytoSPAR cloud-based data system. The cloud-based application then objectively determines the MIC for each antibiotic for each patient. The obtained MICs are typically comparable to the CLSI generated MICs. This minimal inhibitory concentration can be communicated directly to the end user and appropriate parties.

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The assay is available as an investigational use method and does not currently have an independent FDA premarket clearance (510K) as a diagnostic device.